Aims of the Forum

The Forum for Global Challenges is an ambitious international meeting, events series and online dialogue that will generate and share solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by our planet and its people, from climate change and destruction of the natural world, to poverty and rising inequalities, and the effects of the global pandemic.

Join us for a unique programme of events and discussion, as we build towards the inaugural Forum in Birmingham, 3-5 May 2022.

The need for action 

The world faces significant challenges – from living with the devastating impacts of climate change, the destruction of the natural world to the effect of pandemics on jobs and livelihoods – making the need to create a better, fairer and more inclusive future for all people and the planet urgent. Yet the response to global challenges has long been slow and inadequate, with low- and middle-income countries bearing the cost. 

The inaugural Forum will catalyse action on two of the most pressing global challenges: climate change and inequalities.

Our commitments

The challenges of climate change and inequalities have informed the entire Forum concept and we are taking steps to ensure they are embedded throughout our work, including: 

  • Co-created, multi-perspective programme with participants from different sectors, regions and backgrounds
  • Hybrid design, incorporating virtual, regional and international events which offer low-carbon and low-cost participation routes
  • Adopting sustainability and environmental best practice for events management
  • High number of free events and ticket subsidies for non-profit and LMIC participants

Legacy and impact 

Through our continued engagement with regional and international stakeholders, the Forum will have a far-reaching legacy. We have five main ambitions: 

  • Inform policy and practice
  • Convene collaborations and coalitions
  • Inspire public and youth engagement
  • Educate the next generation of leaders, practitioners and policymakers
  • Monitor and challenge international initiatives

To learn more about the programme for May 2022, visit our programme.

Why attend?

  • Make a positive impact: By focusing on designing, sharing and scaling tangible solutions to global challenges, the Forum will lead to real change. Shar your ideas, experience and solutions, and be part of that action!
  • Be Heard: The Forum is built on genuine public and civil society participation, to ensure local communities drive solutions that are relevant and appropriate in their local context.
  • Build New Partnerships: Our cross-sector and interdisciplinary model will help bring new perspectives from industry, policy , academia and the third section, to help solve current intractable challenges. Network and forge new partnerships with potential collaborators whom you normally would not reach or interact with.


Get in Contact

Institute for Global Innovation, University of Birmingham, 54 Pritchatts Rd, Birmingham B15 2SA